Thursday, October 15, 2009

Join Swagbucks!

Before I head off to bed, I wanted to tell you about a website that I love. It's called Swagbucks. It's a search engine that gives you "swagbucks" for searching the internet. They get their results from Google and Ask, so the results are always pretty good! On a normal day of searching (10-20 searches) you can expect to get 2-3 swagbucks (sometimes more!)

Once you accumulate some swag bucks, you can use them to purchase Items from the SwagStore!

There are all sorts of prizes that you can choose from. There are DVDs, Books, T-Shirts, and Gift cards! My favorite is the $5 giftcard! It only costs 45 swagbucks (that is less than a month of searching!)

In addition to their search and win feature there are more ways to earn swagbucks! You can follow them on facebook and twitter (where they sometimes post codes that earn you swagbucks!) You can earn swagbucks by shopping at affiliated online merchants, and by trading in your old cell phones!

There are no fees to join, it's like getting free money! With the holidays around the corner, who doesn't need a little something extra?

There are so many other features, so check them out, it's easy to sign up, and they'll give you 3 swagbucks for signing up!

(and you make even more when you refer your friends!)

Join Swagbucks Now!

Search & Win

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