Thursday, October 15, 2009

Victoria's Secret FREE PINK panty! plus $10 off of a PINK Bra!

When you become a member of the Victoria's Secret "Pink Nation" you can immediately print a coupon for A free PINK panty (no purchase required) and $10 off of a PINK bra! This site is pretty sweet. I signed up 2 months ago, and have already seen 3 totally sweet coupons.

Plus, while you're there you can enter a sweepstakes for a Trip to NY fashion week! (Sweepstakes Open until 10/26)
The coupon is good until November 9th!

See What I'm Talking about! Join the PINK Nation!

Oh yeah, when you go to get your free PINK panty make sure when the cashier asks for your phone number, you give it to her! This will make you eligible for mailings from Victoria's Secret, I just got a coupon for a free VS panty in the mail! It's totally worth doing, I've never gotten any telemarketing calls because of it!

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