Thursday, October 15, 2009


I love CVS.

For the best deals, you should sign up (instore) for a CVS Extra Care Card. It's basically a Store Loyalty card that saves you money (and you get a little key chain card for your keys too!)

CVS has frequent deals on EVERYTHING. In many of the deals, you receive Extra Care Bucks (ECB's) for purchasing an Item. The ECB's print at the end of your receipt and are good on your next visit. Additionally, you receive 2% back on your quarterly purchases in ECB's at the end of the quarter!

Here is how the ECB's can save you money:
For example, you Pay $3.00 for a shampoo, and they give you $2.00 ECB's good on your next purchase. So it's like you got your shampoo for $1.00. But you can use manufacturers and CVS store coupons too! So, you got your shampoo down to $1.00, but you have a $1.00/1 coupon that you use too. SO YOUR SHAMPOO ENDS UP BEING FREE!

CVS also offers Items that are free or close to free after ECB's, and you can still use coupons on those items!

Imagine you are buying a bottle of lotion that is normally $6. CVS is offering $6 back in ECBs, so your lotion is virtually free already (because you do have to pay tax) If you also had a $2/1 coupon you would pay $4.00+tax for your lotion and get back $6 on your next purchase.

This is why I love CVS. Sometimes they PAY YOU to shop!

Generally the ECBs expire 3-4 weeks after your purchase, so you have to remember to go back and spend them! You can use as many ECBs as you want to pay for a transaction, but it must be less than or equal to the total. Also, you pay for the tax out of pocket.

If your total is $11.47 and you try to use $12.00 in ECBs, it won't work.

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