Friday, October 16, 2009

Free PINK panty & a $2.50 PINK Bra

This deal is even sweeter than I thought!

When you sign up for PINK Nation you can print a coupon for a FREE PINK PANTY! (thong or bikini in black, white, or pink) AND $10 off of any Bra. Not a bad deal, I went to redeem mine and found a GREAT deal!
***the coupon states that it is only good on full priced items. I did not see that before I went, I asked specifically if I could use the coupon on that particular bra and the cashier said yes. So it's worth a try, but they might only allow the coupon on a full priced bra.***
I grabbed my free panty, and on my way to checkout I noticed that PINK had a bra on sale for $12.50 (marked down from $24.50!)

I was able to use both coupons on my purchase and ended up paying $2.69 (after tax) for my panty and bra! It's a nice bra too! The cup fabric is sort of silky and has two layers, so the inside is as soft as the front! The sides are lace, but it isn't itchy or uncomfortable. My store had it in black, nude, and pink (a pretty pink, not pale pink).

This is an AMAZING DEAL! I don't know how long this sale is on for, but I would hurry in to see if your store has the same deal on the bra!

Click here to get a full description of this bra!!

*Even if you are unable to purchase this bra for $2.50, there were plenty of other reasonably priced bras in the PINK section, so check it out!*

In addition, if you are a big fan of PINK branded products, they have a promotion running when you buy any PINK product, you can buy a tote bag for $5.00. There were 3 different options: A turquoise blue, pink, or black. I wanted the black and my store (Oakbrook, IL) was out. I can't find any pictures, but it is advertised in the store!

So, you could get a panty, a bra, and a tote, for roughly $8.00 with tax! Nice
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  1. I think you are one smart girl, and you are on the right teack with savings and it is fun isn't it!

  2. You are on the right "track" with savings--sorry I must be tired from all my deal shopping today!


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