Saturday, November 14, 2009

Survive a breakup and save money

This is the first installment of my Break-up survival guide. You can still save money when your heart is broken.

1. Rent movies.
Some people like adding insult to injury by renting chick flicks, others want something funny. Here are some ways to get free video rentals for whatever kind of movies you like.

Inside Redbox posts a whole bunch of codes that you can use for a free night rental. Currently there are 3 codes that are working:
(This one is only good at Walgreen's locations)

These codes will work once per credit card, so if you have multiple cards you can use them multiple times.

When you go to rent your Redbox movie click on the button that says "Rent with a Promo Code" and it'll ask you for the code right away. has a couple of opportunities for free rentals as well. When you sign up for e-mail updates you will get a free rental code (one code per e-mail you provide). If you sign up for SMS updates (texts) they will generally send out a free rental code valid for only the first Monday every month.

If you don't want to mess around with promo codes or DVD kiosks, you could also consider hitting up your local library. Many libraries rent DVDs, CDs, and some even rent video games!

Once you have your movies in hand, call up the friends that you've neglected over the past few days/weeks/months/years and see if they want to watch them with you. If they don't... screw them... make some new friends!

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