Monday, November 9, 2009

Hiadus OVER

It has been a while hasn't it?

You can blame that on my Calculus midterm. The time off did me well, I ended up getting 100% on it!

On to the Deals! has a pretty sweet deal going now through 11/14. When you spend $100 using PayPal at, you'll get $20 cash back! Choose in-store pickup and you can avoid shipping charges too!

Advocate Health Care is offering up a free travel first-aid kit!

APC is offering a free 2010 pocket planner!

Sandy Paper has a free memo cube available on their website!

AIG Hawaii has a free T-shirt available! (I'm going to use mine for painting!) has a free software bundle of 6 programs for Mac users! the bundle includes: ShoveBox, WriteRoom, Twitteriffic, TinyGrab, Hordes of Orcs, and Mariner Write.
(Disclaimer: I know nothing about Apple/Mac so I have no idea what these programs are for/if they work.)

Free Samples:
DenTek floss picks
Jennifer Lopez My Glow fragrance

(Sidenote: I have to rant about the computer lab right now, I spent the last hour putting together this post and the computer completely deleted it!)

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