Wednesday, November 11, 2009

50 FREE photocards from FujiFilm!

Just in time for the holidays FujiFilm is offering 50 free 4x8 or 5x7 photocards on their website Shipping is included! The code to get this sweet offer is: freebies4mom-1109. Try typing it in if you have trouble copying and pasting it!
Thanks to for the heads up!

Now, I realize that most people in the 20 something age group wouldn't really have a need for these, so I've come up with a couple uses:

1) Get your brothers and sisters to dress up and have a friend take a picture. Upload this picture and use it for your photocard. Surprise your parents with the family photocard, and mail your 50 free photocards to your aunts, uncles, and grandparents. You know they would love to hear from you, and they don't have to know that they were free...

2) Use them as invitations! Are you thinking about having a "Bad Sweater Party" around Christmas? Planning a New Years eve shindig? Find a cool picture, add the caption "Come to my party" and fill in the details once you get them in the mail!

3) Fraternity/Sorority uses: This would be a FREE way to send out holiday photocards to other sororities and fraternities on campus, other chapters across the country, and to your headquarters! (So, if each of the members in your organization made an account, they would each get 50 free... this adds up! You could send a photocard to everyone you know!)

Additionally, they would also make great THANK YOU CARDS after a fundraiser or to solicit funds for an upcoming project.

Or, if you're feeling less formal... they would be a fun way to distribute hilarious photos of that drunken night that your roommate blacked out....

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