Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween is fast approaching!

I didn't realize how expensive Halloween costume are!

That being said, I hunted down some deal/coupons so you can get a sweet costume without overpaying too much.

Kmart has all of their Halloween costumes and accessories 40% off right now. You can either purchase in-store or online. I checked out the local K-Mart today and they still had a decent selection. Most of the costumes I liked were regularly priced around $29.99, with 20% off that ends up being $17.99! Not too shabby!
(If you're looking for a particularly slutty costume, you won't have much luck at K-mart, Walmart, or Target... just a heads up!)

Spirit Halloween has an assortment of online coupon codes available right now. Considering that it's 8 days to Halloween and I have a party in 2 days... I can't wait for the shipping. So luckily there is a coupon that works both online and in-store! 20% Off any One Regularly Priced Item! (Expires 10/31)

Not to be left out, Halloween USA has an in-store coupon too: $5 off a Purchase of $25 or more. Their website is only informational, you can't order a costume online.

So I'm going to buy a costume for my parties, and make a costume to get my Free Chipotle on Halloween if you dress as a taco, burrito, or something "Chipotle".


  1. Wish I would have saw this about the costumes earlier! My husband just spent a small fortune on store-bought costumes for our three kids. I always say every year that I'm going to sew the kids costumes but I never get around to it. Although I enjoy seeing them dress up, I hate spending so much on such flimsy creations that they are only going to wear for a few hours.

  2. You can always save a ton of money by purchasing costumes at thrift stores! Buying second hand is a great way to spend less AND help out your community. Just a thought. :)

  3. Great tip about the thrift store! My boyfriend and I picked out his costume from there. Actually Goodwill has a decent selection of actual halloween costumes and accessories!

  4. Great tips. Also check out They have 5 items (including costumes!) that are less than $5 Monday through Friday. It is their 5 under $5 offer.


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