Friday, October 30, 2009


Search & Win

Seriously, have you joined Swagbucks yet? Friday is always MEGA SWAGBUCKS DAY at Swagbucks. Which means that you're more likely to get a larger denomination swagbuck from searching.

Ok, let me back up.
Swagbucks is a search and win site. They get their results from Google and, so the results are generally pretty relevant. You go to, sign up, and start searching. Every few searches you'll score a swagbuck. These bucks are redeemable for prizes in their swag store. When you sign up, you get 3 swagbucks! I generally get 1-2 swagbucks a day by doing 5-10 searches.

There are some huge prizes that would probably take forever to save up for, but a $5 giftcard will only cost you 45 swagbucks! That's free money for using their search engine!
(just by searching, I got one in just over a month!)

Their are other ways to win swagbucks too! They occasionally will hide them somewhere online and have a scavenger hunt, they have a Tuesday twitter contest, they post codes on their facebook page, you can shop online and earn, trade in old cell phones, and refer your friends to get even more swagbucks!

With the holidays approaching, couldn't everyone use a little more free?
Search & Win

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